Table Rules

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I’m going to run down the list of topics in the DMG and outline how they apply to our group. I’ll open this up for discussion once we are closer to playing and have a set list of players.


Don’t be a jerk to anyone and I won’t let anyone be a jerk to you. Bring your own dice and be ready to play once we finish eating. If you need to work on your character sheet or do some other prep, let us know beforehand that you are not ready to play and the game should be postponed.


When we sit down to play, lets actually play. No games, TV, etc. I’d prefer people limit their laptop use to consulting digital copies of the PHB or this site.


We’ll get Dominoes delivery for the game – bring $4 for food. Everyone is allowed to eat at the table if they like until the first time they drop food on the ground, then they have to eat in the kitchen over the tile. If they stain the rug during this drop, they will pay for a bottle of Foaming Rug Cleaner. Personally, I’ll be eating in the kitchen. We eat before we game.

Character Names

Don’t be a jerk. No character may be named “Jackson”

Missing Players

If everyone can’t make it, we don’t play unless the story is at a point where it’s reasonable for one character to be missing, or we have a one-shot for the night.

Multiple Characters


Table Talk

One off comments and jokes are fine, discussions about your week are probably better saved for later. Part of the reason we eat first is so there is discussion time.


Be ready for your turn. If it takes you 2-3 minutes to say “I attack” every time, I reserve the right to pre-empt you and just ask if you attack. For my part, I will let you know when you are next in the rotation so you can get your readiness on.

Rolling Dice

Roll in full view and try not to throw the dice across the room. Fallen/cocked dice are always re-rolled. I will roll behind a screen most of the time.

Rolling Attacks and Damage

Feel free to roll together, so long as YOU don’t get confused about the results.

Rules Discussions

Everyone can feel free to voice their opinions, but no arguments. If no immediate consensus is reached I will pick the one I agree with the most. Things like this will be recorded in the House Rules


Don’t do it. It’s no fun for everyone else, and if you do it too much it might come back to haunt you.

Table Rules

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